IPQS Extortion Recognition

Fraud is a huge problem in digital advertising, which costs advertisers and affiliate networks billions of dollars each year. With a growing number of threats and bad actors, it’s more important than ever to detect fraud at the source so you can stop it before it impacts your business.

With this in mind, IPQS fraud detection offers a comprehensive suite of fraud detection tools that help you detect abusive users & suspicious payments while validating transaction data. Using a networked approach to threat detection that learns from hundreds of millions of transactions worldwide, IPQS helps you identify suspicious behavior before it has an impact on your revenue.

Use our fraud detection software to identify ad-fraud, chargebacks, stolen credit cards, and other types of fraudulent activity. We offer an array of user, credit card, and payment scoring options so you can configure your system to work best for your business.

Ensure you are meeting KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) requirements by confirming the identity of new users through digital onboarding. This is a costly and time-consuming process, but it’s an essential requirement to comply with KYC regulations.

Our KYC & AML solutions can help you meet these requirements, saving you valuable time and money by eliminating the need to manually verify IDs. They also help you improve customer experience by reducing customer friction.

Protect against fraud and abuse with our IP reputation, email validation, phone validation, and user/lead scoring services. These services are based on the industry’s most reliable and accurate data, with support for all countries worldwide.

Perform real-time lookups to instantly determine how risky a user, click, or transaction is based on an IP address and optional device information. This includes analyzing if the IP address is a proxy, VPN, TOR connection, or has been in abusive or recent fraudulent activity.

This data can help you better assess the reputation of any IP address, so you can prevent fraud & abuse before it has an impact on your business. You can also use this data to verify the identity of your customers and ensure they are who they say they are before they open their account.

Easily integrate IPQS with your marketing automation or CRM to score users on their quality in real-time and filter out high risk users & payments before they negatively impact your business. Our simple to use fraud detection tool can be deployed in minutes, and our user portal allows you to adjust scoring settings and reporting.

Our bot detection and malware protection helps you block fake users, automated behaviors, & bots on any platform. Our advanced algorithms use AI, blacklists, honeypots & traps, forensic analysis, and machine learning to provide the most accurate detection rates in the industry.

Get more fraud protection by adding IPQS’s Dark Data to your lookups for improved detection & accuracy on stolen user data, compromised IPs, and other high risk patterns. This data is available in bulk.csv file uploads or API endpoints and can be used in conjunction with our heuristics for added flexibility.