The Legend of Robin Hood and John Robin Law

Robin Hood is a famous legendary hero of English folklore. He is the hero who is credited with stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He was a skilled archer and swordsman, and in some versions of the story he also fought in the Crusades.

He is also known as the Prince of Thieves.

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The Legend of Robin Hood

The legend of Robin Hood began in England during the Middle Ages. Various retellings of the tale have been written and featured on stage and screen over the years. The most familiar characters in the story include his lover Maid Marian, his band of outlaws, and his opponent the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Although Robin Hood is often portrayed as a hero who fights for justice, there are many moral and ethical complexities to his character. He believes that it is immoral to steal from those who are wealthy, but he is willing to take what is unfairly taken from him in order to give back to those who are poor.

Despite his beliefs, Robin Hood can be deceitful when he wants to rob others. He does this for entertainment purposes, and sometimes he just has a good time with it.

He has a great relationship with his men, who often risk their lives to rescue their friends from evil. For example, in the prologue of the novel, he gathers his Merry Men and asks them to go to Nottingham and help Will Stutely get out of jail. All of the men in the group agree to the venture, showing that they value each other and the community they have created in Sherwood Forest.

His final words in the Epilogue of the book are to his friend Little John. In these final words, Robin speaks of his friendship with Little John as something that has grown over the years and that will continue to grow.

He will always be his friend, and he will always be a part of his life. This is a testament to the fact that he loved Little John more than any other person in the world.