Shayari Hitman Gone Today by Amina Abeh

Shayariholic Love shayari is a fast paced & erotic novel. Thirty-something year old Sania has been told her days are over and she’s going to live an unhappy life as a house wife. She talks about her parents, childhood and marriage in a calm, even voice with a hint of humor. But when her father dies in childbirth, Sania’s world collapses. She becomes obsessed with wanting to reconnect with her deceased father…

shayariholic love shayari

‘Shayariholic Love’ follows in the footsteps of other fantasy novels such as ‘The Sword of Truth’ by Robin Hill and ‘The Rook’, by Marilyn Fox. The plot involves a happily married couple, Kaylie and Richard, who return from their honeymoon to find Richard’s dead wife with a mysterious note in the luggage. The killer then chooses Richard as her next target and the two have to work together to solve this crime before it’s too late. This book is pure fantasy as there are no characters in this book that we meet.

In addition, the storyline is not very realistic for most people. But that’s actually what makes this story so appealing. We’re not looking for realism in this book; we want to have fun with it. As the couple spends time in each other’s company, they see things that aren’t really possible in real life: romance between a man and a woman, a boy and a girl, and so on.

Although the romantic element in the book is present, it’s not what captures your attention. The sensuality is what makes ‘Shayariholic Love’ a stand out book. And that’s a good thing, as the sensuality is what brings it to life.

I particularly like how Hill focuses the story in each chapter and how he interweaves the action. He does this because he wants the reader to stop and reflect on what he’s describing. It creates an emotion, and one that you can relate to, in the reader.

He uses the local dialect of his Indian village and puts it into words, so that it’s understandable. He uses simple but meaningful words and phrases. He doesn’t sugar coat anything in this book, so that what you’re getting is a fresh and innocent view of a relationship that will stay with you for a long time.

I especially found the character of Sammi, a young girl who was the main character, so likable. She was just a little girl, but she had a strong will, an admirable beauty, and the determination to make things work. Her mother always told her that if she wanted to do something big in life, she had to be strong and her mother was right.

I loved the way Sammi’s father nagged her about following her dreams. He said things to her that made her feel small and insignificant. But she ignored him. Eventually, she took a risk, got a new boyfriend and moved to America, taking her father’s advice. This book has given me so many happy memories of being with my own mother, and I hope that she’ll read it someday and maybe, just maybe, take her own path and have a different kind of a life.

The author, Amina Abeh, did a good job of describing Sammi’s personality. Sometimes her narration was a bit slow, but once she presented us with her thoughts, we could see exactly what she was going through. Her descriptions of how life is sometimes presented in the context of death were deeply moving. She captured the narrator’s feelings very well.

I think many people who are having problems in their relationships have experienced similar things to what Sammi went through. It’s definitely a human story and it’s easy to sympathize with her. But what I also found interesting was that she was really going against the grain. She did everything in her power to change her life. That’s what great fiction writing is about.

I also really liked the way she pointed out how shallow and superficial most of society’s relationships are. They are, more often than not, based on superficial things like looks or money. But Sammi saw through the shallowness of it all. She was not content on surviving a relationship, she wanted to have a happy, healthy, and successful life.

This book teaches you to look at relationships from a different perspective. And how by doing that you can truly enjoy yourself in them. In short, it gives an excellent plan for how to survive a difficult situation in your own relationship.