Brevard Satellite Newsstands Have Local Newsstands, Local Movies, and Brevard County Arts

Dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in all areas of both print and electronic publishing, the Space Coast Daily staff brings over 120 years of combined experience to its expansive portfolio of both digital and print niche publications. Whether specializing in travel, food, business or sports coverage, this politically and socially balanced full-service publication is committed to delivering the news and information for each readership in a clear, concise, well-organized style. The Space Coast Daily has won the Readers Choice Readers’ Favorite Readers Choice Awards for five consecutive years, and continues to receive accolades from industry professionals such as the American Society of Magazine Executives, Advertising Week and the Society of Business Editors. For book lovers, this publication offers hundreds of top-notch books, magazines and biographies that will make excellent reading materials for your library. In addition, this popular daily newspaper has outfitted its newsroom with award-winning reporter reporters that allow it to offer breaking news reports on a moment-by-moment basis. Moreover, the Space Coast Daily aims to provide its users with the most relevant, current and easily accessible local information possible.

Space Coast Daily

The flagship publication of the politically organized, but humorously balanced Space Coast community, the Rock Paper Simple Heartland, is brought to you by the politically incorrect but beloved satire magazine known as the Rock Paper Simple Heartland. In keeping with the spirit of the times (and the motto of the town’s name), the Rock Paper Simple Heartland is brought to you by the most politically correct people on the planet. This is a weekly magazine, but the content can be downloaded weekly as an eBook. The motto of the publication is ” Gonzo everywhere! Gonzo Gourmet.” The contents are liberally laced with articles of interest to the general public, including recipes, music and art reviews, politics, entertainment, religion, history, anthropology, geography, film and TV, health, hobbies, workouts, tattoos, sex, literature, education, and more.

The Rock Paper Simple Heartland also has a sister publication, the Brevard Sports Report, which is also in competition with Space Coast Daily in the pricy, niche market of Brevard County lifestyle and entertainment. Both publications, however, enjoy equal traffic and have similar readership. The sports section features stories of interest to Brevard residents, while the cultural feature focuses on the cultural hot spots in Brevard and Orange County. Both publications, in addition to featuring local sporting events, also feature travel and tourism news.

Another locally owned business that has jumped onto the “tech scene” in Orange County is Chalean Marketing, LLC, which is located in Irvine. Chalean Marketing has also launched an online website for its members. The website, which features over thirty-five full-color pages of great content, features articles about local businesses, Orange County attractions, and links to blog sites and personal pages by current and former Chalean members. The blog features information about local events, latest trends, and profiles of several California tech entrepreneurs.

In addition to the popular monthly periodicals, the Brevard Business Journal and the Brevard Technology Review, are magazines that are gaining popularity among the growing population of Orange County homeowners. The Brevard Business Journal features articles dealing with local economy, science and technology, education, arts, and marketing. Each issue of the Brevard Technology Review features a different company or individual from various areas of focus. Both are available through the Brevard County Clerk of Court and are usually sent out in both paper forms. Both are well worth reading, if only to make sure that your favorite businesses are not profiting at the expense of the community.

Not to be outdone, Space Coast Daily is another daily team that has been gaining quite a following in recent years. Space Coast Daily, in collaboration with the Orlando Weekly, features local stories, weather reports, and links to relevant resources throughout the week. One feature that particularly caught my attention was the Racing Pigs of Florida section. This weekly feature presented long range forecasts for the upcoming race season, complete with schedules and comments from racers and other sports enthusiasts. It also included photos, and information about the teams participating in the races. The racing pigs of Florida are owned and operated by Jon Bitzer, who is based in Venice, California.

In keeping with the theme of Brevard County’s culture of producing topnotch food and beverages, Space Coast Daily brings you Brevard Sports Report. This daily team’s mission statement states: “The publication focuses on all facets of sports in the Brevard County area, as well as related media and culture.” My article in Space Coast Daily was devoted to spotlighting the Pizza Port and their delicious pizzas. In addition to offering me a delicious and nutritious pie, they also hosted a very entertaining and informative sports talk radio show that was done by the great Howard Stern.

Brevard’s Space port is named Rocket carrying Satellite launched Vitamin Water. This company specializes in water solutions for use in various industries and also makes and sells health drinks. They have also received several other awards including the Space Port of the Year, given by the International Satellite Inc. It’s amazing what our minds can come up with when we put our minds to it, so go to your Brevard Satellite Newsstand and pick up a copy of Space Coast Daily or Space Coast Weekly to find out what’s happening in the world of Space!